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О предприятии «БЭМКРОМГАЗ»

Unit multi-functional soil-cultivating sowing sowing-universal AMPSH The unit is soil-cultivating sowing multifunctional APPM-6 Unit of soil cultivating sowing APP-6AB Seeder pneumatic universal SPU-6 Wide pneumatic seeder SPSh-9 Electricity meters

About enterprise – History

The electromechanical plant has started to manufacture since May 1965.


The enterprise was specialized by Ministry of radio industry of USSR to produce the peripheral equipment for computers.


In 1991-1995 the plant mastered production of technically complex products according to the program of conversion and the governmental program of import substitution approved by Economic and Industry departments: meters of gas and electricity consumption of various modifications, pneumatic drills, medical ultrasound technique and electric appliances. OJSC “Brest electromechanical plant” was founded on the basis of the state enterprise and it is its successor.

The enterprise was converted by the order №134 of 30.06.97 of Ministry of State Property of the Republic of Belarus.

The ownership of the company is private with the state ownership of 97.7% in the authorized capital. Today the enterprise produces and sells agricultural machinery, meters of gas and electricity, medical devices, as well as carries on trade and commercial activities.

The most important basic technologies have been mustered and they are functioning at the enterprise: machining production, cold pressing production, die-cast aluminum alloy, steel casting, investment casting, plastic molding and extrusion of thermoplastics thermosets, galvanic and lacquer production, installation and assembly production, tool production, production of non-standard equipment.

Since 1997 Joint Belarusian-German enterprise “BEMKROMGAZ” produces the whole range of domestic membrane gas meters   “Berestye”. The enterprise was created by -OJSC “BEMZ” in association with one of the world tool engineering leaders, German Stock company G. Kromshred.

In 1999 Unitary Production Enterprise “Izmeron” began its activity on the basis of Open Joint Stock Company “Brest electromechanical plant”. Specialization of UPE “Izmeron” is to produce of electricity meters.

You can learn a famous history of our plant here.

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