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Unit multi-functional soil-cultivating sowing sowing-universal AMPSH The unit is soil-cultivating sowing multifunctional APPM-6 Unit of soil cultivating sowing APP-6AB Seeder pneumatic universal SPU-6 Wide pneumatic seeder SPSh-9 Electricity meters

History in years


March 25, 1963 Salnikov V.A. was appointed director of the plant. 

1964 – the plant was constructed on place of the 10th fort of Brest fortress. They began recruiting and training workers of most popular professions.

1965 - the first product FSM-3N was released on May 8.

Мanufacture of photo readers FSM-3, FSM-3H was mastered.

1966 - the plant started manufacturing of device of card input UKV300 and table 56 "RTA-KSU" for computers "Minsk 2/22."

1967 – output of  photo readers FSM-5, check-reading devices KSU1 and KSU1M as well as information readers from primary documents "FORM".

1968 - production of upgraded device "FORM II" (census); machine for reading the multi-channel waveform ASMO, device of information transmission over telephone links Minsk 1500, punched cards input devices UVvK-600.

1969 - manufacture of punched cards input devices UVvK-600M, UVvK 601; BY 1500/2000. Device of data preparation on punched tape UPDL "Brest-1" was developed.

1970 - data preparation device UPDL "Brest - 1T" was developed.

For the development and launch mass production of computer family "Minsk" the chief engineer of the plant Ekelchik M.E. was honored with the USSR State Prize.


1971 – it was mastered production range of peripheral devices for third-generation computers (within the program ES EVM):

- input device from punched cards EC-6012;

- input device from punched tapes EC-6022;

- output device on punched tape EC 7022;

- control unit (controller) of storage device on a magnet tape EC-5511.

Data preparation device on punched tape EC-9020 and UPDL "Brest 1K" was developed.

July 2 1971 - the first issue of the plant newspaper "Progress".

1972 - Brest Plant of Electric Measuring Instruments was renamed to Brest Electromechanical Plant.

Production of electronic data processing machine ES-1020 was mastered.

1973 – optical characters reader "Form - 4" was issued.

1974 – the plant started production of  controlling digital data processing machine UTSVM, input device from punched cards EC-6012, control units of storage device on magnet tape EC-5511, output and input device on and from punched tape EC 7100 and punched cards AP6100 device (for user facilities).

1975 - device for data preparation on punched tape EC-9024 was produced.

1976 - the plant began to produce computers ES-1022 (upgrade ES-1020). The production of advanced devices for the range for user facilities was mastered:

AP-6101 - input device from punched cards;

AP-7190 - output information on punched tape.

1977 - adapter AD 2155 was designed for the device "Form P".

Mikhalkevich I.K. was honored by the USSR State Prize for mastering of production of UTSVM.

1978 - June 8, the plant was awarded the Red Banner of Labor by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for their achievements in the production of modern computer technology.

1979 - production of alpha-digital display systems was mastered: local EU-7920.01 and distance 7920.11 EU.

1980 –punched cards input device  EU-6019M was worked out. The plant began to produce data preparation devices:

EU-9009.01 – cassette magnet tape;

EU-9051.01 - floppy disks;

alphanumeric display ATSD -2000; photo reader from punched tape FSU-P for digital controlled machines.

1981 - production of computer modification EC-1035-07 was mastered in cooperation with the factory ZIT (Bulgaria). Salnikov V.A., Mechtashvili R.S., Bugaev V.V., Nam G. Kharen, Podkovko U.P., Kruk I.P., Goretskiy P.I., Kosachuk V.S. were awarded with the USSR State Prize in engineering for the introduction of computer technology in manufacturing technology.

1982 - May 29, Mechtashvili R.S. was appointed acting director 

Production of on-board computer A 30 A1 was mastered according to the personal order of the Minister of Ministry of radio industry of the USSR.

1983 - February 1, Kovrigo F.P. was appointed director. 

Production of the computer modification EC-1035-08 with matrix processor was mastered in cooperation with the factory ZIT (Bulgaria).

1984 - the plant started production of household radio tape recorder "Berestye-004."

For outstanding achievements in work Strokov Viacheslav Vasilievich was awarded with the USSR State Prize.

1985- the plant was reoriented to the production of technical equipment for the Ministry of Defense:

- Electronic computing machines A50;

- Mobile computing system 65s724.

The plant was modernized and started to issue on-board computers and A30M and A30B1.

1986 - July 16, 1986 Sidorik P.I. was appointed director 

BEMZ became a head of BPO SVT (Brest Production Association of Computer Technology).

The plant provided issuing of modifications of computing systems 65s728.01.

1987 - the plant began commercial production of:

- terrestrial mobile computing system 65s724.02;

- storage device based on cassette tape 65c31-1;

- computer system of airborne VK2RA35;

- computing stationary unit 1V529.

Deputy of chief engineer Artyukhov N.P. was honored with the USSR State Prize for the creation of automation complex.

1988 – the plant produced new models of single-machine (1V546.01) and double-machine (1V546) computer systems;

Mass production of alphanumeric displays was mastered: local EU-7920.04 and remote EU - 7920.14; mobile computing complex 65s733.

1989 - production of PC ES1845 (TK Ministry of Defence) was mastered. It was arranged production of a set of educational computers KUVT "CORVET" and a domestic personal computer "Byte", walkman "Amfiton" photoplethysmographer.

1990 - production of stationary computers  EVM 65s733.10 and 65s733.11; household appliances; household kitchen machine KM-300, domestic electric mixers PM – 1E. The register BKA "Express 2B" and the automobile protective device "dwarf" were developed.

1991 - the plant became the head of Brest Electromechanical Group.

The production of computer unites 1V529.01, 5V711 and 65s733.05 were mastered.

1992 - the plant began mass production of terrestrial mobile computing system 65s733.04, ultrasound scanner, electric iron.


1993- it was mastered serial production of the multipurpose pneumatic drill SPU-6; arranged issuing of a stationary computer complex 65s728.02, monitor "Berestye" of black and white and color images, the local darsonvalization device (AMD) "Blick", the automobile protective system KORZ.

1994 - production of electric drill "Berestye" and checking the installation of electricity meters OLPS.

1995 - production of drill SPU-3 "Berestye", electricity meter SA4U-I672M, transformers, diode cascade of line scanning, electric cooker plate EP41-1, 0/220, gas meter T4.

1996 - production of multipurpose pneumatic drills S-6 and electricity meter SA4 I672M.

1997 - Open Joint Stock Company "Brest Electromechanical Plant" was organized.

Production of products: computer "Neman1K", video player "Berestye-32VTTS-01", gas meter T2, 5.

1998-September 29 Bushuev S.V. was appointed director

Production of till seeder APP-3, power switch PME-211 671, electricity meter SO-I496, gas meter KG4 and G6 were mastered.

1999 – manufacture of multipurpose pneumatic drill SPU-6M, SPU-3M, EATE of small capacity, electricity meters SA4U-I699M, I699M-SA4, indicators of temperature was mastered.

2000 - November 28, 2000 Bugaev V.V. was appointed acting director. 

Production of upgraded EATE of small capacity, electricity meter CO-I498M, TDKS-25.01.2.

2001 - January 5, Bugaev V.V. was appointed director

August 15, Razumets S.L. was appointed director 

Production of electricity meters I-699, till seeder APP-3.01 was mastered.

2002 - started to produce system of electricity meters calibration UPSO, electricity  meters SA4-I699 on the load current of 100 A, switches PME10 523, electricity meters CO-I496 with reversible counting mechanism and stop the flyback.

2003- started to produce seed drills for direct drilling SPP-3,6, electricity metersTSE-2736SH and TSE4003SH, fans for exhaust systems for gas stoves, induction multirate three-phase electricity meters with combined rates and pulse shapers, pneumatic multifunctional drills SPU-4, calibration and regulation system of three-phase induction meters UPSACH

2004 - started to produce till seeder APP-4, 5.

2005 – started to produce calibration system of single-phase electricity meters UPSEO, electricity meters TSE4003M-SH, pneumatic seed fertilizer drills S6-T.

2006 - started to produce till seeders with active working unites APP-4, single-phase multi-rate  electricity meters SEO6005.

2007 – started to produce till seeders with active working units APP-6AB; gas meter G1.6.

2008 - started to produce subsoiler GR-70 "Berestye", precision drills SKP – 12 K, SKP – 12 S, multipurpose till seeders APPM-4 and APPM-6 "Berestye", till seeders with active working units APP-3A, multi-rate statistical electricity meters SET7007, gas meters G6T.

2009 - started to produce precision drills SKP – 12 KU,  SKP – 12 SU,  precision drills SKP – 8 KU three-phase multi-rate statistical electricity meters on load current of 100 A SET7007.

2010 - a pilot consignment of mulching machines IS –7.1. "Berestye".

Production of pneumatic drills of wide-coverage SPSH-9 "Berestye",  multipurpose calibration system for single-phase electricity meters UUPSEO.

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