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Unit multi-functional soil-cultivating sowing sowing-universal AMPSH The unit is soil-cultivating sowing multifunctional APPM-6 Unit of soil cultivating sowing APP-6AB Seeder pneumatic universal SPU-6 Wide pneumatic seeder SPSh-9 Electricity meters

about the company «BEMKROMGAZ»

Belarusian - German joint venture «БЭМКРОМГАЗ», created with the participation of one of the world leaders in the field of instrumentation - German JSC, Кромшредер. produces since 1997 the whole range of household gas meters membrane type G 1,6; G 2.5: KG 4: 4; 6; K6T «Berestye».

The basis of gas meters laid coming on stream in Germany constructive counters VK of 1.6; 2.5; VK 4 and applied membrane, eccentric shafts and measuring mechanisms of German production. The housing of all types of counters are made of high-quality galvanized steel in one-piece design. This ensures compliance with international standards, standard of the Russian Federation on fire safety (+or-650 °) and eliminates the possibility of unauthorized interference in the work of measurement mechanisms counters. In counters have anti-reverse, which mechanically locks the measuring mechanism when you try to «Unscrew» testimony.

In counters of gas, the magnetic clutch is used (instead of the traditional Salnikov) does not require maintenance and guarantees absence of gas leakage to the environment during the whole service life.

Details counters are made of special газостойких, wear-resistant plastic that allows to operate in all regions of the CIS without any limitations on time at optimum costs.

Given the features of the plan of premises in apartment houses, as well as in the private sector, to avoid the use of any adapters, crossing pipes of gas pipelines, we have mastered the production counters with the direction of the gas flow through the device, both left to right and from right to left.

The design of the counter has the possibility of remote reading. The delivery of such a performance is done under a separate contract. In the scope of delivery the counter is set подсоединительной valve.

Gosstandart of 100 % control of produced from production of meters for all metrological parameters (Q min, 0,2 Q max Q max; sensitivity threshold 0,002 Q nom) and tightness at 1.5 a maximum working pressure.

Inter - calibration period-8 years.

Life is 16 years.

Twelve-year period of operation of the manufactured products is confirmed its high quality.

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