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Three-phase electricity meter SET 7007

Счетчик трехфазный электронный СЭТ 7007It is designed for measurement and multi-rate account of active electrical energy in three-phase four-wired networks with the AC networks with frequency of 50 Hz either independently or as a part of  Automatic systems of commercial accounting of power consumption ASKUE-domestic.

 It complies with STB GOST R 52320-2007, STB GOST R 52322-2007 and the technical requirements of Belenergo. Certificate ISO 9001-2001



  • Maximum allowable input voltage 115-380V
  • 8-digit LCD - screen with enhanced digital signs
  • Technological margin of accuracy class
  • Display of momentary output, current and voltage
  • High sensitivity and low power consumption
  • Control and display of battery voltage

The meter provides setting of:

  • current time and date
  • up to 4 valid tariffs
  • up to 48 tariff zones a day, dimensional resolution 30 min
  • up to 15 profiles daily
  • up to 8 profiles weekly
  • parameterization sheets
  • parameters of switching to "daylight savings" time
  • meter password (2 levels)
  • parameters of the automatic display on the LCD
  • number of decimal places (up to 3 characters)

Technical specifications:


Accuracy class:


Nominal voltage

3x230/(400) V

Nominal frequency

50  Hz

Nominal (max.) current

5 (60); 5(7,5); 5(100) А

Frequency range

(47,5-52,5) Hz (49-51)  Hz

Sensitivity limit

10 mA

Register resolution

small, not less

0,001 kWh

high, not less

10000 kWh

Meter constant

2000 – 20000 imp/kWh

Operating temperature range, C

from - 40 to +60

Power consumption:


1,5 VA


1,5 Vt

Average time of failure

80 000 t

Average service life, no less

30 years

Calibration interval

4 years

Meter weight, no more

1,5 kg

Total dimensions, no more

175 х 295 х 75 mm

Daily variation in normal conditions, no more

± 1 s

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