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Device for collecting and transmitting data “Berestye M-3’’

Устройство сбора и передачи данных «БЕРЕСТЬЕ M-3»

The device for collecting and transmitting data Berestye M-3 "(hereinafter - USPD) is designed to work in automatic systems of control and accounting of residential energy. USPD automatically collects, stores and analyses meters reading. 

 USPD can be installed with the meters manufactured by "BEMZ "and" Grand System ". The data stored in the USPD can be transmitted to the upper level of the system using channels (GSM, PLC, Ethernet).


USPD supports programming of: USPD net address; speed and data exchange protocol via USPD communication interfaces with allied meters; an interval of meter scanning and the list of required parameters; date and time of security passwords.


1. There is meters time and dates synchronization using communication channel of USPD.

2. USPD automatically collects data from meters using digital interface and transfers the information to the upper level of ASKUE through main or back up channels.

3. It is possible to address from the upper level of ASKUE to meters via USPD.

4. USPD supports the cascade connection with another USPD.

5. USPD software and hardware protection against illegal access:

- system of program passwords;

- electronic seal;

6. Information saving in case of system voltage dumping for not less than 3years.

7. USPD has an inner clock. Daily average time variations in normal conditions do not exceed 0.5 sec. Average time variations do not exceed daily 5 sec in a range of operating temperatures and with the disconnected external supply.

8. The length of wired communication lines (twisted pair type) is not more than 900 m between USPD and meters.

9. USPD is designed for continuous running.

Technical specifications:

  • USPD is supplied by alternating current network with voltage (230 23 V) and frequency (50 1) Hz
  • The total power is not more than 25 VA that USPD consumes through AC network at operating supply voltage
  • USPD has two galvanic decoupled channels RS-485
  • Maximum number of the meters that can be connected to each channel RS-485 is 250 pieces. Each channel is divided into two subchannels: line 1 (1 – 125 meters), line 2 (1-125 meters)
  • Time of data reading from maximum number of the meters connected to USPD via two channels RS-485 (with speed of 9600 bits/sec) is not longer than 3 minute
  • The connection speed through interface Ethernet is not less than 10 Mbit/seconds  
  • Number of channels with wireless interface for connection of meters or remote diagnostics devices is 1 channel.

стройство сбора и передачи данных «БЕРЕСТЬЕ M-3» (далее – УСПД) предназначено для работы в 



автоматизированных системах контроля и учета электроэнергии бытового сектора. УСПД автоматически производит сбор, хранение 

и обработку данных, получаемых от средств учета электрической  энергии. УСПД поддерживает 

счетчики производства ОАО «БЭМЗ» и «Гран-Система». Данные, хранящиеся в УСПД, могут передаваться на 

верхний уровень системы через каналы (GSM, PLC, Ethernet) 




В УСПД имеется программирование: сетевого адреса УСПД; скорости и протокола обмена данными по интерфейсам связи УСПД с подключаемыми счетчиками; интервала опроса счетчиков и 

перечня запрашиваемых параметров; даты и времени паролей безопасности. 

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