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Gas meters G1,6; G2,5 and KG 4 “Berestye”

Счетчики газа Г1,6; Г2,5 и КГ 4 «Берестье»

Household membrane gas meters (G1,6; G2,5; KG4) are designed to measure the amount of natural gas in accordance with GOST 5542-87 or vapors of liquefied petroleum gas in accordance with GOST 20448-90, as well as other non-corrosive gases used in household and industrial purposes, has passed through them to the consumer.

Gas flow direction is indicated by an arrow on the meter case. Gas meters meet the technical requirements of STB 1159-99 and international recommendations of MOZM №6; №31.

Special features

  • Heat resistance in accordance with international standards and STB8001-93 - + 650oC. There are no analogues in the Republic of Belarus. The synthetic membrane is used, the case of galvanized steel (hot zinc).
  • The magnetic clutch is used that does not require maintenance during the entire time of service (no analogues in the Republic of Belarus).
  • All types of meters are made with the left or right entry.


The meter consists of a molded sealed case, the two parts of which are interconnected with a metal cowling of the measuring mechanism mounted inside the case of the measuring mechanism.

The gas passing through the meter, fills one-by-one two chambers, and gives a reciprocating motion of membranes, which through linkage drives the cam.

The cam slide mechanism provides the distribution of gas in four chambers and passes through the drive rotation to the digital meter in proportion to the passage of gas.

Technical specifications

1.  Operating temperature range: -40 -+ 50 ° C

2.  Range of gas consumption: G1.6: 0.016 – 2.5 m3/h; G2.5: 0.025– 4 m3/h; KG: 0.04 -6 m3/hr

3.  Operating gas pressure in the network not more than -10 kPa

4.  Pressure loss at the maximum flow rate of gas is not more than: 200 Pa.

5.  The volume of the meter measuring chamber – 1,2dm3

6.  Basic relative error of the meter under normal conditions:

± 1,5% at consumption of 0,1 Q Mr. <Q ≤ Q max

± 3% at a cost of Q min <Q ≤ 0,1 Q rated

7.  Additional relative error caused by deviation of the gas temperature from +20 ° C, compared with a basic range of temperatures from - 20 ° C +35 ° C is less than %  at 1° C

8.  Diameter of nominal bore, mm - 25.

9.  Centre spacing between fittings: 110 mm.

10. Threaded fitting GI-A GOST 6357-87.

11. Meter dimensions (length x width x height) is not more, mm - 220x170x225

12. Meter weight, kg - 2.3 kg.

13. Average time of service - 16 years.

14. Calibration interval - 8 years.

15. Package- cardboard box (length x width x height) - 217 x 175 x 246

16. Weight of a meter in the package, gross: 2.7 kg

17. Scale LSB - 0.2 dm3

Rules of installation and operating.

The meter can be installed and dismantled in gas networks that have been tested in accordance with the existing documentation for the network and only by the specialized organizations licensed by State nuclear supervision agency.

Meter installation should include the installation of stopcock to the meter. The meter should be installed permanently in the upright position (with connections to top). When installing outside the meter should be protected against rain, dust, direct sunlight, the action of chemically aggressive environments, blow and vibration.

While preparing the meter for mounting no foreign objects should get inside the meter through the opening of the socket.

When testing the gas pipeline with high pressure (15 kPa) the meter should be disabled from the gas pipeline.

The meters have type certificates of the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Moldova, the Ukraine and Azerbaijan. 

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