Агрегат почвообрабатывающе-посевной АПП-6 АБ АППМ-6 "Берестье" Счетчики электроэнергии "Берестье"

Medical technique

Device vacuum-d'arsonvalization multifunctional

 device vacuum-d'arsonvalization multifunctional RTH-M device vacuum-d'arsonvalization multifunctional АВД-М intended for use at the preventive and rehabilitation measures for treatment of stomatological diseases, ENT diseases and traumatology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, urology, gynecology.

AMD "Blik" is a portable medical device for domestic darsonvalization

АМД «Блик» - медицинский аппарат для местной дарсонвализации A high medical effect is promoted by complex actions on the certain body areas of a patient caused by:

electromagnetic radiation; thermal radiation; weak ultra-violet radiation; ultrasonic fluctuations, a high-frequency current, the ozone arising in depths of the tissues of the body by corona discharge between the body surface and an electrode (tips) of the device.


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