Агрегат почвообрабатывающе-посевной АПП-6 АБ АППМ-6 "Берестье" Счетчики электроэнергии "Берестье"

Device vacuum-d'arsonvalization multifunctional

 device vacuum-d'arsonvalization multifunctional RTH-M device vacuum-d'arsonvalization multifunctional АВД-М intended for use at the preventive and rehabilitation measures for treatment of stomatological diseases, ENT diseases and traumatology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, urology, gynecology.

It combines the use of the dosed vacuum and d'arsonval currents; automatic dosing of physical factors of both intensity and duration.

When the local d'arsonvalization facial skin drug vacuum-d'arsonvalization provides increased depth of penetration and the establishment of a high concentration with increased activity of medicinal substances in the tissues of the pathological center.

In the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases applied focal dosed vacuum. Compact size, ease of manipulation. All this reduces the total time spent on carrying out the procedure, reduces the terms of outpatient treatment, improves the quality of rendering of medical aid.

When the local d'arsonvalization changing physical and chemical processes in tissues, improves the activity of Central nervous system tissue trophic, metabolic processes, blood circulation, increases the phagocytic activity of leukocytes. Local d'arsonvalization used in neuralgia, neuritis of the auditory nerve, myalgia, headache, skin irritation, vaginismus, at the initial stages of obliterating vascular diseases, varicose veins in the shins, hemorrhoids, non-healing wounds and ulcers, frostbite 1-St and 2-nd degree, as a means of cosmetics, getting rid of acne, aging skin rejuvenation.

At customer's request the equipment consists of a set of electrodes of various sizes. The device is intended for conducting the procedure simultaneously one patient.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Machine weight, not exceeding 8 kg.
  • Overall dimensions of the device without electrodes 300 x 300 x 100mm.
  • amplitude of the pulses on mainly regulated in the range:
  • - maximum value (10 – 3) кВ;
  • - minimum value (1,5-1) кВ.
  • maximum amplitude of the pulses to the electrodes included in the accessory kit, (10,0 ± 5) кВ.
  • Frequency modulation (100 ± 2,5) Гц.
  • Pulse frequency filling (110 ± 40) кГц.
  • Maximum discharge current electrode resonator (190 ± 30 mA. Adjustable size of residual pressure in the discharge gap from minus 0.1 to + 0.1 МПа.
  • Power supply of the device is carried out from the network of alternating current with frequency of 50 Hz and voltage 230 V with tolerance of plus 10 % minus 30%.
  • Power consumption device, not more than 110 W.
  • The device is resistant to sanitary treatment. The outer surfaces of apparatus, but gas-discharge electrodes allow disinfected with 3 % solution of hydrogen peroxide according to GOST 177-88 with the addition of 5 % detergent type «LOTOS», «Astra» according to GOST 25644-96 or 1 % solution of chloramine.
  • ТУ 6-01-4689387-16-89. Gas-discharge electrodes allow disinfection alcohol GOST Р51652-2000. The device belongs to restore products, class В по ГОСТ 20790 и РД 50-707.
  • MTBF of the electronic unit with a resonator, not less than 2500 hours Average lifetime of the vehicle not less than 5 years. The criterion for limiting state is the technical-economic inexpediency of restoration of his health.
  • device can work for 8 hours a day.
  • Mode of operation intermittent-cyclical: 20 min, 10 min break off the high-frequency generator (without disconnecting from the network).

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