Unit multi-functional soil-cultivating sowing sowing-universal AMPSH The unit is soil-cultivating sowing multifunctional APPM-6 Unit of soil cultivating sowing APP-6AB Seeder pneumatic universal SPU-6 Wide pneumatic seeder SPSh-9 Electricity meters

Agricultural machinery

Грабли-валкователи ГВ-9,6

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Грабли-валкователи ГВ-9,6  «Берестье»

Грабли-валкователи ГВ-9,6 «Берестье» (возможно исполнение с конструктивной шириной захвата 7,2; 10,6; 11,7) предназначены для сгребания соломы, провяленной травы из прокосов в валки и оборачивания валков. Грабли используются для уборки сеяных трав, а также трав естественных сенокосов урожайностью свыше 1 т/га на равнинах при влажности массы от 20 до 60 % на выровненных полях и склонах крутизной до 8º, не имеющих глубоких борозд, рвов. Поле должно быть выровнено, микрорельеф должен составлять 2-3 см.
Грабли агрегатируются с тракторами от 80 л.с.

Pneumatic seeder SPL-6

Pneumatic  seeder  SPL-6

Aggregated with tractors minimum power 96 kW/130 HP (Belarus-1221)

Intended for drill seeding of grain crops (wheat, rye, barley, oats), legumes (beans, beans, peas, lupine), crucifers, and various mixtures (rape, clover, cocksfoot, Timothy, flax), with the seeding rate from 2 up to 400 kg, soils prepared for sowing.

Volume of the bunker - l. Width - 6 m between rows - 15cm. The trailed option (the building-block approach with the tractors of not having the rear three-point sample)

Skating rink annulate and gear KP-12

Skating rink annulate and gear KP-12 Skating rink annulate and gear KP-12

frame 100×150
Five sections with rings "Cambridge" - 550/570 мм
Basic wheels – 480/45-17
Pneumatic brakes
weight - 10500 кг.
It is aggregated with tractors with power from 200 h.p.

Aggregates soil-cultivating AP-6 «Berestye»"

 Aggregates soil-cultivating AP-6 «Berestye» Soil cultivating Aggregate AP-6 «Berestye»

Intended to be the main and presowing tillage of soil for grain, technical and fodder crops, as well as the shelling of stubble, improvement of pastures and meadows. Equipped with two rows of spherical discs with a fixed angle of attack and the packer roller. The unit produces grinding and sealing of crop residues and weeds, creates взрыхленный and aligned soil layer.

Aggregated with tractors of class 5.

Pneumatic seeder wide S-9 «Berestye»

 Pneumatic seeder wide SPS-9 «Berestye »



intended to align the soil and ordinary sowing of seeds of grain crops, cereals, legumes, кресноцветных crops, herbs and mixtures.

Aggregated with tractors of drawbar category 5


Catalog of parts and assembly units

You can download catalog of parts and assembly units of  agricultural machinery of OJSC "Brest electromechanical plants" here.

Subsoiler GR-70

Глубокорыхлитель Гр-70

The plow with working width 4.3 m is designed for basic soil cultivation and cracking the lower soil structure. A rear packer tube roller is available as an option to compact and level the soil after the passage of the subsoiler.

 It is aggregated with the tractors of minimal capacity of 183 kWt/250 hp.



Multipurpose pneumatic seeders SPU-3M, SPU- 4M and SPU- 6M

Сеялки пневматические универсальные СПУ-3М, СПУ-4М и СПУ-6М

Multipurpose pneumatic seeders SPU-3M, SPU- 4M and SPU- 6M are designed to sow in rows grain (wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn), legumes (beans, bean, pea, lupine), vegetables (turnip, carrot, swede) as well as grass mixtures (canola, clover, cocksfoot, timothy, flax) in the tilled soil.

It is aggregated with the tractors of minimal capacity of 60 kWt/80 hp.


Till seeder APP-6 AB, APP-6 AB-D, APP-6 AB-AL

Агрегат почвообрабатывающе-посевной АПП-6 АБ, АПП-6 АБ-Д, АПП-6 АБ-АЛ, АПП-6 АБ-А

Till seeder APP-6 AB, APP-6 AB-D, APP-6 AB-AL, APP-6 AB-A  with active working units are designed for primary tillage of medium and heavy textured soil and sowing of cereals, legumes, cruciferous crops and flax. It can be used for moldboard and chisel tillage and seeding.

It is aggregated with the tractors of minimal capacity of 183 kWt/250 hp. The tractor should have a front hitch.


The unit is a multifunctional tillage sowing widely-versatile AMPSh-6

The unit is a multifunctional tillage sowing widely-versatile AMPSh-6

The unit is designed for tillage after plowing or subsurface tillage with simultaneous sowing of grain and leguminous crops, rapeseed, flax, herbs, corn for silage, as well as fertilizing.

It is aggregated with tractors Belarus (3022, 3522), John Deere 8 series and other class 5 tractors. It is equipped with an automated system for monitoring and controlling the process of sowing seeds and is implemented in a trailed version in the working position, which allows to reduce the load on the tractor, to ensure accurate processing by the unit in depth due to the presence of front and rear support wheels.

The design of the seeder frames is modular, strong and light, allowing the use of additional equipment, the sowing combination is suitable for any type of soil - from light sandy to heavy clay. The machine performs several operations when sowing in one pass, allowing you to increase productivity. Pre-compact the front roller with a diameter of 800 mm and level the soil for more efficient follow-up. At the same time, it is hydraulically adjusted at the touch of a button.

Агрегат почвообрабатывающе-посевной АППМ-4, АППМ-4Д, АППМ-4А4К

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Агрегат почвообрабатывающе-посевной АППМ-4, АППМ-4Д, АППМ-4А4КПредназначен для обработки почвы после вспашки с одновременным высевом или для мульчированного сева зерновых, зернобобовых, крестоцветных культур и льна. Агрегатируется с тракторами минимальной мощностью 120 кВт/165 лс.

Выполнен в прицепном варианте. Прицепной вариант позволяет снизить нагрузку на трактор, обеспечить в отличие от полунавесного более точную обработку агрегатом по глубине за счет наличия передних и задних опорных колес.

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