Unit multi-functional soil-cultivating sowing sowing-universal AMPSH The unit is soil-cultivating sowing multifunctional APPM-6 Unit of soil cultivating sowing APP-6AB Seeder pneumatic universal SPU-6 Wide pneumatic seeder SPSh-9 Electricity meters

Till seeder APPM-6, APPM-6D, APPM-6A6K

Агрегат почвообрабатывающе-посевной АППМ-6

It is aggregated with the tractors of minimal capacity of 188 kWt/250 hp.

The pressing rollers do not consolidate the entire surface. A loose area of the soil is left between the pressing rollers so moisture can be absorbed.

 The hopper capacity is 3000 l that allows longtime sowing without additional loading.  The hopper capacity can be increased to 3900 l with an additional adjustment.



It is constructed in a trailed version. The trailed version enables to decrease the load on the tractor, unlike semi-mounted version, to provide more precise cultivation depth due to front and rear support wheels. The seedbed for placing seeds to the depth required is prepared and formatted in a combined way - by a number of rear support wheels located before coulters and rubber pressing rollers located behind coulters and positioned right behind them in the trench that ensures after rolling leveling of seeds in a trench to the depth established that provides better soil contact.


Basic advantages of the seeder:


  • usage for traditional and mulch seeding.
  • usage for seeding at high speed under 18 km/h.
  • lager hopper capacity of 3000 l that can be increased to 3 900 l (>3 tons of wheat).
  • concept of a uniform weight distribution (regardless of the loaded hopper volume).
  • the unique concept of frame-it is pulled as a trailer with two axles.
  • the disk unit with an aggressive angle of penetration for soil preparation under adverse conditions.
  • the coulters with the pressure of 160 kg.
  • completely independent setting from the rollers pressure.

Technical specifications



Output per 1 hour of seeding time, hectare

to 10,8

Working speed at basic operations, km/h

to 18

Hopper volume, dm3


Row spacing width of single-disk coulters and tip coulters, cm


Seed covering depth, cm


Soil cultivation depth, cm


Dry constructional weight, kg



Секция дисковой бороны

Секция дисковой бороны

Disk harrow

  • Ø 460 mm diameter = it belongs to the biggest ones at the market and works without blocking
  • spherical and toothed disks = the best mixing effect
  • consistent and aggressive ankle of penetration = a good soil tillage in hard soil conditions
  • mechanical or hydraulic depth adjusting
  • independent units. Continues depth adjustment of each unit
  • rubber damper on each disk
  • no greasers are required 


Following harrow

Ankle and pressure can be adjusted

Attachment to a telescope, following harrow rises with the packers

Two types of following harrow is supplied: Ø 10 mm S-shaped

  • For light soils
  • For fine-grained sandy soils
  • Excellent effect of seed covering
  • For an excellent effect of leveling
  • Setting for a shallow depth, free of blocking

Дисковый сошник

Дисковый сошник

Disc Coulter

  • Diameter of steel toothed disc 410 mm
  • A well-proportional shape with a slight angle of 3.5 °
  • Spherical plastic disc - no off valves (patented design)
  • Spacing between the first and the second rows of coulters is 555 mm for a good pass,
  • The constant pressure of 160 kg, regardless of the working speed
  • Popular spring protection from stones of Kverneland
  • By theory, the total weight is transferred to coulters = uniform seed covering depth in any soil conditions
  • Does not depend on the pressure of the packer
  • No greasers are required

Прикатывающие катки

Pressing rollers

  • Diameter of 460 mm; width of 50 mm
  • Independent from coulters pressure, continuous tuning, the rollers can be removed under adverse conditions
  • Rubber bumpers for each pair of rollers
  • No greasers are required
  • The pressing rollers do not consolidate the entire surface; a loose area of the soil is left between the pressing rollers so moisture can be absorbed 

Задний шинный пакер

Rear tire packer

  • Rear tire packer
  • Large tires size of 780 x 264 - 15.3 "AS = less traction
  • Excellent leveling and packer effect before the coulters – It is an implement useful of coulters on light soil
  • Easy and accurate depth setting - simple weight transferring to coulters
  • Combined function as a transport axis
  • Raising at reversal - the middle section and the wings are lifted, the rear pressing packer contacts with the soil tightly
  • Dual wheels are transport wheels, it can be equipped by pneumatic or hydraulic brake system
  • Filled tires are available for stony soil
  • Wheels can be exchanged easily 

It is equipped with the automatic system of control and management of seeding that enables:

  1. formation of a tramline (shutting off drill tubes and stopping delivery of seeds to the coulters) for subsequent processing, both in automatic and in manual operating mode of electromagnetic valves;
  2. control of fan and sowing tools functioning, of seed level in hopper;
  3. sound and light alarm system informing about the occurred malfunctions;
  4. display of the quantity of present turns of a shaft-mounted fan for smooth and exact setting of turns of the fan with a hydraulic actuator while seeding various plants and during its functioning;
  5. calculation of the sowed area.
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