Unit multi-functional soil-cultivating sowing sowing-universal AMPSH The unit is soil-cultivating sowing multifunctional APPM-6 Unit of soil cultivating sowing APP-6AB Seeder pneumatic universal SPU-6 Wide pneumatic seeder SPSh-9 Electricity meters

Pneumatic seeder wide S-9 «Berestye»

 Pneumatic seeder wide SPS-9 «Berestye »



intended to align the soil and ordinary sowing of seeds of grain crops, cereals, legumes, кресноцветных crops, herbs and mixtures.

Aggregated with tractors of drawbar category 5




technical parameters:



working width, м


productivity per 1 h of the basic time,hа


Working speed of movement on the base. operations, km/h

до 18

Bunker volume,dм³


The width of inter-row openers, см


Seeding depth, см


Dry mass of structural, kg



Technological process performed drill, as follows: if the machine moves with a tractor on the field, placed in front of the openers adjustable rippers-aligners to a certain extent crumble and equalize the surface layer of soil, and located the openers of the oporno-cutting packer wheels compress the surface layer of soil, and загортачи sprinkled sown seeds loose soil and generally align profile treated and sowed soil.

Packing rollers rolled down not the entire surface rollers remains loose soil moisture can be absorbed and they are not on a separate beam, and each row.

Planting is done using a device «zagortach».

Hopper capacity is 6000л that provides long-sowing without additional loading of seeds. Equipped with the automated control system of seeding that provides:

  • formation of technological track (overlap of the VAS deferens and cessation of seeds in the opener) for subsequent treatment, both in automatic and manual operation of solenoid valves;
  • control of fan, sowing machines, the level of seeds in a bunker;
  • sound and light alarm and the problem;
  • displays the number of currently available turns on the shaft of the fan for a smooth and accurate adjustment of fan speed with hydraulic drive for sowing of different cultures and in the process of work;
  • calculation of sown area.


main advantages of the planter:

  • sitting with high speed - up to 18 km/h;
  • large tank capacity 6000l;
  • opener with an adjustable pressure of up to 80 kg.


Disc coulter, protected by a relevant patent, allows to combine the advantages of an anchor and the disk coulter:

  • reducing the resilience of the soil, which leads to lower fuel consumption traction mechanisms;
  • ensures the formation of the bed with a thick bottom and неосыпающимися edges on the given depth;
  • provided the same level of depth of occurrence of all seeds;
  • excluded buildup of plant residues, especially on soils with minimal processing;
  • spring protection against stones;
  • ensures the constant pressure of up to 80 kg regardless of the working speed;
  • simple adjustment of the pressure changes on an opener for use against different backgrounds;
  • ensures uniform emergence.


Presentation pneumatic planter wide-coverage SPS-9 «Berestye» can be downloaded here

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