Unit multi-functional soil-cultivating sowing sowing-universal AMPSH The unit is soil-cultivating sowing multifunctional APPM-6 Unit of soil cultivating sowing APP-6AB Seeder pneumatic universal SPU-6 Wide pneumatic seeder SPSh-9 Electricity meters

The unit is a multifunctional tillage sowing widely-versatile AMPSh-6

The unit is a multifunctional tillage sowing widely-versatile AMPSh-6

The unit is designed for tillage after plowing or subsurface tillage with simultaneous sowing of grain and leguminous crops, rapeseed, flax, herbs, corn for silage, as well as fertilizing.

It is aggregated with tractors Belarus (3022, 3522), John Deere 8 series and other class 5 tractors. It is equipped with an automated system for monitoring and controlling the process of sowing seeds and is implemented in a trailed version in the working position, which allows to reduce the load on the tractor, to ensure accurate processing by the unit in depth due to the presence of front and rear support wheels.

The design of the seeder frames is modular, strong and light, allowing the use of additional equipment, the sowing combination is suitable for any type of soil - from light sandy to heavy clay. The machine performs several operations when sowing in one pass, allowing you to increase productivity. Pre-compact the front roller with a diameter of 800 mm and level the soil for more efficient follow-up. At the same time, it is hydraulically adjusted at the touch of a button.


The main advantages of the unit:

  • Simplicity and ease of control (all manipulations are made from the cab).
  • The exclusion of the influence of the human factor - the system does not make mistakes.
  • Low traction requirement (front packer + rear packer with axial wheel displacement).
  • Minimum maintenance and lubrication points.
  • The well-known quality of the BEMZ disk harrow is high-quality machining, bearings with a high resource, a constant angle of attack of the disks, and reliability.
  • Maintenance-free new double disc coulter.
  • Relatively lightweight but sturdy construction.
  • fully independent pressure adjustment of press rollers.


A type


Prod. for 1h of main time, ha

up to 10.8

Working speed of the movement on the main. operations, km / h

before 18

Hopper capacity, dm3


Double row spacing


Seeding depth, cm


Depth of tillage, cm


Dry constructional weight, kg



Передний пакер

Front packer

  • Step 1: Leveling the Soil
  • For the best performance of the seed bed preparation operation, the wheels of the front packer are used, which crush large lumps of earth and, thus, allow optimal control of the depth of work of subsequent working bodies. The diameter of the wheels of the front packer is 800 mm and can be hydraulically raised by a simple click of a button when the need arises.

Дисковая борона

Disc harrow

  • Step 2: Preparing the seedbed
  • The two-row compact disc harrow is familiar and well established with conical discs and individual suspension, which ensures the formation of an excellent and uniform seed bed across the entire working width. Thanks to the new hydraulic system, the depth of the disc harrow can be constantly adjusted from the cab.


Задний пакер

Rear packer

  • Step 3: Seal first and then sow

To achieve perfect control of the coulter depth, optimal seed contact with the soil and the initiation of an excellent capillary effect, the loosened soil is again compacted using the wheels of the rear packer. A large wheel diameter of 900 mm significantly reduces the tractive effort required by the machine and thus ensures a consistently good work result.


Сошник CD

Opener CD

  • Step 4: Seal and roll to a predetermined depth
  • The graceful shape of the coulters with their slightly offset steel discs allows easy penetration into the soil. As a result, slight pressure is required at this stage, and only a small amount of soil moves. Thus, the coulter pressure of 100 kg can be mainly used for rolling using integrated compacting rollers. The result: even sowing depth even at high working speeds! Seeding depth and coulter pressure can be centrally controlled by pressing a button from the tractor cab - this additionally saves time. Guaranteed depth control and seed rolling form a capillary system in the soil that provides an ideal water supply and excellent germination.



  • Step 5: Closing Moisture
  • Leveling the soil completes the sowing process. S-shaped or finger-shaped earthing devices provide optimal seed closure. The intensity of the work is set using stepless pressure adjustment and is carried out at three different angles. In order to prevent damage to the bearer when reversing, it is equipped with an effective protection system.

Frame concept

    • Telescopic drawbar
    • telescopic drawbar 900
    • Clear and easily visible design
    • Easy tractor connection
    • Distribution head outside the hopper
    • The concept of even weight distribution
    • Rigid connecting loading ladders inside and outside the hopper

It is equipped with an automated system for monitoring and controlling the process of sowing seeds, which provides:

    • formation of a tramline (overlapping the seed tubes and stopping the supply of seeds to the openers) for subsequent treatments, both in automatic and manual operation of electromagnetic valves, control: the operation of the fan, sowing devices, the level of seed in the hopper,
    • sound and light signaling about the malfunctions,
    • display of the number of revolutions available at a given moment of time on the fan shaft for smooth and precise adjustment of the fan revolutions with hydraulic drive for sowing various crops and during operation,
    • calculation of the sown area.
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